Why are we hosting this Summit?

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Despite Progress, Representation Still Lags

In the last ten years, female participation in the oil and gas sector has risen only 1% with the majority still in finance and administration. Despite progress in executive and board recruitment, women’s progress to leadership positions in the energy industry is still lagging.

AN Aging workforce and issues Attracting New Talent

The industry’s workforce is aging – almost 1/5th of the workforce is 55 years or older. Coupled with a sharp decline in young people entering the industry (just 7%), the industry has a talent issue. The business case for diversity has been made; now it’s time to act on it.

To Advance the Industry, a Step Change Is Required

We believe that young women have the power to change the energy industry for the better. The 2018 YWE Summit intends to create a step change by connecting, developing and empowering the aspiring female leaders to advance the Energy industry.